Below you will find a list of do's and don't of getting a GAY MASSAGE or GAY TANTRIC MASSAGE.  If you have not followed them to this point, have no fear.  All behavior and information is new to us at some point.  The point is to not continue behaviors that may be seen as rude or unhelpful.  Most of these are not things that people do out of malice, which is why I try not to encourage shame, but rather educate for future gay massages.


1.  DO communicate

If you don't like something, you have to let me know in order for it to change.  Don't be afraid to speak up about things like techniques, music, heat, etc.  If I have the heating on and you are hot, let me know to turn it off.  If you feel pain, absolutely let me know, pain is NOT a normal part of a massage, but rather your body's way of telling you that something is wrong and needs to be changed.  You will not feel better afterward if you are injured on a massage table.


*A note on pressure. I know that people like to comment on the pressure.  Pressure is starting to become a dirty word for me.  I have had clients who want a painful massage because they have been told that it is the only way for good work to happen.  Your tissue will let me know if I should apply more pressure.  There is a natural give and a natural endpoint.  Forcing past those endpoints will get you that pain the you seem to want, but it will also damage your tissue, and injure me.  Every massage therapist is different, but I generally go to the endpoint through most of the massage.  The goal is to have the endpoint change.  So your tissue won't let me in very deeply at first, so I work with what it will allow until it softens and melts and lets me in further.


2.  DON'T show up late (or too early) to your GAY MASSAGE

Your massage time begins at the time that you are scheduled.  I encourage clients to arrive exactly at the time booked. I very much want for you to have the amount of time on your session that you booked, and in order to do that, it is important that you arrive on time.


3.  DON'T smoke before your GAY MASSAGE

If you are a smoker, I understand that it can be hard to go without smoking as it is highly addictive.  That being said, I encourage you to try to refrain from smoking before your massage in order to protect the health and wellbeing of your massage therapist as well as any other clients.


When you smoke, you are taking in any number of toxins and poisons.  Your body recognizes that they are harmful and tries to get rid of them by any means possible, meaning that the toxins from your cigarettes literally seep out of your skin.  Whenever you touch another person, you are passing on all of the toxins from your cigarettes to the other person.  Please don't endanger my health by smoking before your session.  Smoke is something that a fair number of people have a sensitivity or allergy to, and the smell can stick around for a while before it dissipates.  I like for my treatment room to smell clean, and none of my clients should have to walk into a massage room smelling of cigarette smoke.


5.  DO turn off your cell phone

It is so obnoxious to be giving (or receiving) a nice relaxing massage only to hear text messages, calls, and alarms going off.  Putting it on vibrate is often not enough.  When you are lying on the bed and hear that buzzing in your purse, you automatically tense up.  You get out of that space of relaxation and are suddenly wondering who is calling or texting.  Now there is something happening on your phone and you don't know what it is.  Just turn your cell phone off.  It will not hurt you to go 60-90 minutes without communicating with the world.  Take the time for yourself rather than worrying about what other people want from you.  If you need to keep your cell phone on due to being on call or having a family emergency, let me know.  Otherwise, turn it off.


6.  DON'T be a "helper"

When you are on the massage bed, try to relax your body.  I know this is hard for a lot of people.  If you have trouble letting go, at least try not to actively "help" your therapist.  If I am having trouble getting you into a certain position, I will ask for your assistance.  If I do not ask, just try to relax and enjoy the massage.  I should be the one doing the work, not you.


7.  DO have good hygiene

Please make sure that you are relatively clean when you show up to your massage.  Try to have clean feet, nails, hair, and skin in general.  Remember that you are asking someone else to touch you.  Before coming in ask yourself if you would want to touch you.


Over the years, I have seen people of many different hygiene levels come in for a massage.  Please do your therapist a favor and clean up or rinse off if you need to.  The worst cases of poor hygiene tend to occur with the feet, nails, hair, and behind ears, but I have seen people who have come in off the beach, from mowing the yard, or who just don't seem to have bathed recently.  Not only is this disrespectful to me as I will be massaging you, but it is disrespectful of my clean workspace.  I have worked in places that didn't seem to care much about cleanliness, but my office is not one of those.  There is often not time between clients to sweep and vacuum the floors which may have dirt, mud, sand, yard clippings, or more tracked in by someone who didn't rinse off before their session, so please don't track them in in the first place.


8.  DON'T bring in artificial fragrances

As a courtesy to future clients, please only wear lotions, creams, or sprays which are unscented or lightly scented with essential oils.  Each massage therapist will have their own preferences for products that they use on clients, and I use a lot of aromatherapy with natural base oils and essential oils.  These are generally light and natural.  As with many natural aromas, the scent of the oils generally has time to dissipate before the next client enters the room.  If you choose to bring in your own lotion or oil to use, make sure it is unscented or scented only with essential oils.


Please do not spray or apply products with artificial fragrances in the massage room.  Many clients have allergies or sensitivities to artificial fragrances, and the fragrances take much longer to dissipate than natural aromas.  This means that if you spray your perfume in the office before you leave, or wear a fragranced lotion during your massage that seeps into the warmer or padding on the table, another client may have a negative reaction, and you could make their massage very uncomfortable for them.


9.  DO stay home if you are sick

This is for your protection and my own.  Getting a massage while sick can make you feel worse by pushing the illness through your body more quickly.  Fever is also a contraindication for a massage, meaning that you should not receive massage if you have one.  Also, please try to remember that I touch people for a living.  I can't work if I am sick, so please don't share your illness with me.





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