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When most people think of MASSAGE THERAPY they think of deep techniques - Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure  - which they are all focused on working as hard as necessary to help with the aches and pains.


But what is Light Touch Massage Therapy?


LIGHT TOUCH GAY MASSAGE (also called referred to as LIGHT TOUCH THERAPY) is as the name suggests, a massage utilizing lighter touches.  At Signature Gay Massage it is a GAY BODYWORK technique that concocts a beautiful blend of therapeutic massage therapy, body to body massage techniques merged with velvety soft caresses and Tantric Massage techniques. These sensational Sensual Gay London Massage is enrapturing, impactful and offer a form of safe sensuous intimacy – sensual pleasure as opposed to sexual intimacy.


There is plenty of research to support the healing effect of LIGHT TOUCH MASSAGE for supporting the body’s own natural healing mechanisms as well as reducing pain, inducing relaxation, and helping the body’s energy to flow freely.  A major tenet of Eastern medicine is that disease is caused by blocked energy within the body.  The aim of LIGHT TOUCH GAY THERAPY is to remove the blockage, allowing the energy to circulate.


Even if I recommend for both, masseur and client, to be FULLY NAKED, this lLIGHT AND SENSUAL GAY MASSAGE can be performed on a fully-clothed person, so it’s particularly useful for people new to massage. It’s a lot less intimidating that an oil massage and the preparation before and afterwards is quicker. It’s also easier to fit into your day if you’re in a hurry.



LIGHT TOUCH MALE THERAPY is a much less formal type of massage and the sessions can be short around 30 or 45 minutes at first. For that reason a great option is to add an aromatherapy bath at the beginning of your session - I will be joining you and will start this light therapy on the bath.


As any other GAY MASSAGE TREATMENT  @ Signature Gay Massage, the LIGHT TOUCH MALE THERAPY is fully customised to your needs and preferences. No massage creams or oils are needed, but a great addition is to incorporate aromatherapy oils, gentle stretching, and the sustained direct pressure of myofascial release as a part of this therapy.


What Are the Benefits of Light Touch Massage?


In addition to enhancing the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, by promoting relaxation, light touch massage can increase one’s overall emotional health. And since it is a gentle technique, it can be especially beneficial for a client who is highly sensitive to touch or for one whom the more intense pressure of a Swedish massage might be too much to tolerate. As with any gay bodywork therapy, Light Touch Gay Massage produces those feel-good endorphins, and gay men, bisexual and curious find that LIGHT TOUCH GAY MASSAGE is relaxing yet invigorating at the same time.


Reduction of stress is one of the biggest benefits of this gay therapy.  And since stress itself interferes with the body’s healing mechanisms as well as the necessary communication between the brain and the nervous system, by reducing the level of stress, the body is more easily able to heal.


LIGHT TOUCH MALE MASSAGE can be incorporated into the health care protocol of someone recovering from trauma or severe injury, for whom pressure could be unbearable.  It’s also a nonthreatening way for a therapist to establish a relationship with a new client that is based on trust.


It will send tingles all the way around the body, invigorating the body and especially the skin.


The most powerful, satisfying climax is one that will have been preceded with a slow, gradual, clever stimulation. This LIGHT TOUCH MASSAGEwill give you the most hair-raising, heart-stirring, spine-tingling sensual gay massage London has to offer.


Signature Gay Massage has, thus, been perfecting this luxurious LONDON GAY TANTRIC MASSAGE and it is already the most reviewed SENSUAL and EROTIC TANTRIC GAY MASSAGE in LONDON..


S.G.M. takes the confidentiality of our treasured clients very seriously and we look after every details with great care.

- At Signature Gay Massage Luxury Studio, every session is meticulously prepared to receive you,

so you can lay down and relax knowing everything is taken care off.


- Fresh and warm towels (winter time), hot shower (before and after your session), toiletry, cold/hot drinks, detox tea, candles, soothing music, aromatherapy oils, sore muscle hot bath, aromatherapy bath, organic beauty treatments.


-  Upgrade your LIGHT TOUCH THERAPY to a VIP LIGHT TOUCH Gay Experience (ask for details).


- Special organic beauty treatments with the VIP SPA PACKAGES.

Light Touch Massage London



30min : 7

60min : 130£

90min : 180£

Sore Muscle Bath/

Aromatherapy Bath: +50£

VIP Experience: +100£ (incl. bath)

Outcalls : +50£

For Booking Call or Text :



+44 7931505809


"The conversation between your skin and someone else's fingers is the most important discussion you can ever have."



- Therapeutic Touch, Erotic Journey -

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Powerful Climax Preceded by a Sensual, Light, Clever Stimulation
Powerful Climax Preceded by a Sensual, Light, Clever Stimulation
Powerful Climax Preceded by a Sensual, Light, Clever Stimulation