The G-SPOT, also known as SACRED SPOT of a man is his prostate gland. On Tantra philosophy, the G-Spot is a man's emotional sex center and receiving proper prostate massage releases tremendous amounts of emotional and physical stress. It is mixed with stimulation of the penis or “lingam”. Receiving prostate and lingam massage can be extremely pleasurable and healing.


The Prostate is a walnut size gland located just beneath the bladder and holds a lot of emotional stress for men. The anus is full of highly sensitive nerve endings, which can be very pleasurable when stroked and pressed together with the massaging of the prostate. Since the most direct way to receive Sacred Spot Massage is through the anus, it takes time to adjust to being penetrated in this way. It is not for every man. The benefits are many and the pleasure can be very intense leading to a powerful experience.


Why is prostate massage pleasurable?

Many guys report that prostate massages create the most powerful, pleasurable orgasms they've ever experienced.

Before you even get to the prostate, a good prostate massage activates and stimulates the thousands of nerve endings in the external anal area. Once you are being internally massaged the prostate directly creates a deep, pleasurable sensation of it's own. Finally, with a prostate massage you're stimulating the internal root of the penis, allowing men to feel erotic sensations starting deep within and extending out the entire length of their penis. Prostate massage orgasms reportedly feel more explosive, more profound, and deeply satisfying.


What makes Prostate Massage healthy enough for doctors to recommending?

Prostate Massage is healthy for many reasons, it relaxes chronic tension in the pelvis, encourages fresh blood flow and stimulates fluid production.

Many prostate diseases have been related to stagnancy, as well as, tension in the prostate and surrounding muscles. Prostate massages keep the male sexual system healthy and also help detect any changes at the earliest stage, allowing men to seek medical help as soon as possible.


If I’m seeking a Prostate Massage, it will make me Gay or Bisexual?

Maybe your girlfriend fears that the desire for prostate massage means you are secretly gay or bisexual. I am here to ending this myth… EVERY MAN’S SEXUAL SYSTEM IS CREATED EQUALLY.

Any men, no matter who they partner with, can enjoy stimulating their entire sexual system, which includes the anus and prostate. Anal stimulation and prostate massages feel erotic and create orgasms because that is how nature designed our bodies.


Are you ready to explore Prostate Massage? Start Here!

As more men and their partners explore the pleasures of prostate massages, we hope there will be more honest conversations about how hot and healthy it is! you can successfully expanded your sex life by exploring prostate massage. Trust us, it's a pleasure worth exploring.



As in any intimate activity, certain basic rules apply. The receiver (you) should arrive meticulously clean. The giver (myself) will use latex surgical gloves, of which the first and foremost benefit is to protect the delicate anal membranes from sharp fingernails and rough skin. Secondly, a well lubricated rubber surface will glide more easily than exposed skin.

Taking a hot aromatherapy bath prior to the massage is a good way to relax. While bathing you will find it pleasurable to begin to fantasise in anticipation of the experience to come.


The combination of the LINGAM & PROSTATE GAY MASSAGE @ SignatureGayMassage will elevate your arousal almost to the point of ejaculation and then slow down so that the sexual energy subsides. This is performed many times over and combined with breathing techniques so that the sexual energy travels through the Chakras, the energy centers and around the body eventually resulting in a very intense release.


When it comes to peak sensual health, men may be hesitant as far as their prostate are concerned, but the benefits of a PROSTATE MASSAGE speak for themselves. I strongly recommend you to visit my S.G.M./BLOG for  more important information about this important massage.




- At Signature Gay Massage Luxury Studio, every session is meticulously prepared to receive you,

so you can lay down and relax knowing everything is taken care off.


- Fresh and warm towels (winter time), hot shower (before and after your session), toiletry, cold/hot drinks, detox tea, candles, soothing music, aromatherapy oils, sore muscle hot bath, aromatherapy bath, organic beauty treatments.


-  Upgrade your Prostate treatment to a VIP Prostate Gay Experience (ask for details).


- Special organic beauty treatments with the VIP SPA PACKAGES.

"Men need to be aware of the health of their bodies, as well people don't talk much about prostate cancer. Early stages' is when the cancer is completely contained within the prostate. If it is detected when the cancer is entirely in the gland, the chance for full recovery is at its highest. ."



60min : 150£

90min : 20

120min : 250£

Sore Muscle Bath/

Aromatherapy Bath: +50£

VIP Experience: +100£ (incl. bath)

Outcalls : +50£

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