Hey guys, It is Marcello here...

... thanks for your interest in knowing a little more about me. First of all I would like you to know that I’m REAL, probably you have already been reading my website for a while now and by this time you should know some of my principles in life.  The content on this website not only gives an explanation of my services but also some hints in who I’m as an HUMAN BEING, in what I BELIEVE and how a like to treat people and to be treated. Maybe you find some funny grammatical mistakes as my mother language is Portuguese or some repetitive keywords but they were intentionally typed to make those folks at Silicon Valley happier.


I was born in a small town in the South of Brazil, I had an amazing loving father who died when I was 12yo and a wonderful mother who teach me how to be the best possible person that I can be, so honesty is something that’s very important to me. A principle that’s very much related is integrity. Integrity is simply sticking to your moral principles. Integrity is something I think about everyday. . I have an interesting mix of Italian, German, Portuguese and Brazilian Indigenous origins. I had graduated in International Commerce before I moved from Brazil to Europe, I had learn 4 more languages, I went to Culinary Arts school, studied photography, I love arts and consider myself on the creative side of the spectrum.


When I moved from Brazil to Europe I end up working as a gay male escort and erotic masseur not for needed but for choice. In the beginning, I sold myself to gain social prestige, I grew up in a upper class family, however, in my late teens my family had economic problems with the invasion of Chinese manufacture, and our socio-economic status downgraded. I did not cope well with the sudden transition and prostitution allowed me to remain ‘higher’ class, it took me a long time to realized the whole concept of class is a terrible way to define oneself. I wasted many years trying to please the wrong people, people who reject others because they don’t follow the norms of society. Like many others, I wrongly assumed that copying the elite was a good thing. Now, I clear see I was wrong.


Once you’re in the sex industry, it is very hard to leave, sex work doesn’t feel like a problem for some escorts, and for others, it is deeply damaging psychologically. We all crave for love and to be approved, sadly, social acceptance is only granted when people hold to what’s "normal" in society. ‘Bien-sur", being a gay sex worker is totally out-of-the-standards in modern societies, thus furthering us away from societies acceptance. As I got more mature I realized that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are amazing people who fight these oppressive rules that marginalize the minorities, it’s not a bad thing to be different. But I can tell you that being outside the “normal” norms of society requires a LOT of fortitude. There is no social space allocated for “prostitutes". As a result, we have to face tremendous pressure to follow the ‘normative’ ways of living life. Being a sex worker is a very difficult time in a person’s life. It’s a job where you can easily lose who you really are and abandon your ethics to try and please others. All I could do to stop this at that point in my life was to stay true to myself.


I HAD THIS DREAM... to run away and travel the world. One day, I recall to be speaking with a friend of mine and I told him "Let's do a trip around the world?", it was just something you say to create conversation but I felt something deeper inside me I saw that I really could do that, nothing was holding me to don't do such an adventure, only my fears. All I know is that 2 months after I was there alone with 2 luggages, 2 skateboards, sitting on Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight to Miami. After almost 15 months on the road with no permanent home or address I could tell you that I had the time of my life.


Visiting blissful havens on earth, away from the ills of civilization. I have traveled the world. I have travel to several parts of the world, both wealthy and poor, trying to find meaning. I too have realized that the most kind and loving people are those who are content with less materialism. The unfortunate reality is that the entire world is being incorporated into this poison Western ideology - capitalism. The old traditions will, tragically, die out.


Traveling the world has taught me to how to be more social, adapt, be more flexible, and, most importantly, understand nonverbal communication a lot better. It has helped me figure out situations even when I can’t understand them. It has made me more independent, more open, and, overall, just a better person. There’s no reason to be scared that you might not have “it” in you. You’d be surprised how often you can surprise yourself.


During my trip I wanted to improve few of my skills - surfing and massage techniques. I had surfed in California, Hawaii, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia but I had also dedicated my self to learn amazing massage techniques from local people. In California I had an introduction to the Californian Massage which is similar to the Swedish Massage, in Hawaii I met such an amazing soul who teach me the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and show me the amazing culture of native Hawaiians (indigenous Polynesian people), in Thailand the Thai Massage and how graceful they treat people , in Bali the Balinese Massage and important lessons about KARMA, I found that Indonesian people are the most "spiritualised" people I met and I learn a lot from them. By the end of my trip I was feeling much more spiritual and I also enter in contact with Buddhism, Hinduism and was in love with the ancient Tantra practices that I came in contact for the first time in Hawaii.


As everything in life comes to an end, in December 2015 I was back to London, the city where feels home to me, I'm a British Citizen now and I feel embraced by the nation. I was very very excited to be back and to start a new business which I could embrace all my skills, from business manager to massage therapist, male companionship to sexual healer, I wanted a business where I could create real connection with real clients, so was born SIGNATURE GAY MASSAGE.


Located in a very central location, just few minutes from Old Street Station, with a short walk from Shoreditch, Angel, The City, Clerkenwell or Hoxton, Signature Gay Massage Studio is a beautiful and very discreet massage studio, with all amenities necessary to make you feel that you had just enter in a luxury SPA.


But what is more important then location and luxury amenities is my SERVICES. If you still haven’t the opportunity to book one of Signature Gay Massage Services, I can happily inform you that it has been receiving the most gratifying feedbacks I could wish for.


Suddenly I had created a regular clientele which I REALLY LOVE!!! They are great men who keep coming back and every time I re-met them the relationship becomes more of a friendship then a receiver-provider-kind-of-meeting. This fact makes me wake up every day feeling so grateful for my life and proud of who I became. THANKS YOU ALL WHO MAKE IT POSSIBLE EVERYDAY!!


Believing that unique style, respect, caring, attention to the small details and customer service are very important aspects to make YOUR EXPERIENCE AMAZING, My aim is to deliver honest and superior quality services that are different from the ordinary.


II'm aware that writing all those great points about my services set up the bar really high, but do you know what? I’m not afraid of that because I know I CAN DELIVER! I have been doing erotic massages and escorting services for over 8 years and that was the perfect work experience I could have to integrate to a mind-body-soul experience. The TANTRIC aspects of my services are guided by SPIRITUALITY, SEXUALITY & CONNECTION with unquestionable benefits.


My sessions are practiced with both medicinal and restorative therapeutic movements that are designed to confuse the thinking mind while playing with your AROUSAL and inviting YOU (the receiver), to surrender, letting go of anything that is no longer serving and opening your mind and body to receive more of your own SOUL ENERGY.



“If your hands are gentle and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart, his soul will reach out to yours and God’s healing power will

 flow through you both” ~ Auntie Margaret Machado



I think you're awesome and you should do something awesome for yourself. Come over and let me show you what I mean :) I believe that people need CONTACT with each other to survive. It's a trait of our species. In turn this means we need to allow others to CARE for us, leaving us in better condition to care for others. It's a FLOW OF ENERGY and need that connects us to each other and keeps us alive and vital.


Massage is my passion. It keeps me centered and alive. I update my training often, and my philosophy on massage has changed dramatically since I was 20. I see people more from the inside out now, and my role as a GAY MALE MASSEUR is often less about pressing on you that it is about teaching you how to relax.


There are a lot of new unproven guys to choose from, and apparently they've ALL been "voted the best you'll ever have", by some unknown organization. The most important factor in choosing a real man as a MALE MASSAGE THERAPIST should be ability and experience. My training and reviews speak for themselves, please read all my reviews HERE, ALL THE REVIEWS ARE 100% REAL, they have been posted in many trusted websites around the web and many of them are simple “THANKS MESSAGES” that I receive from my customers after our session. In few months, since the creation of Signature Gay Massage, it has became the most reviewed gay massage in London - YES!!! I’M VERY PROUD OF THAT and I don’t get tired to be repeating myself.


I work with gays, straights, bisexuals, heterosexuals or just curious men, I have the gift to make people feel at ease, if this is your first gay experience or you want to explore more your sexuality, I guarantee that you are making a great choice booking one mine treatments. I had the opportunity to meet over the last months a few first-timers who arrived very nervous and left my studio feeling not only more confident but happier and very thankful to my services. It is very gratifi blissful. people who arrive for their first experience they are always very nervous at the arrival but by the end of our session they are confident and I always listen beautiful things about how much they loved our time together.


On a quick note, my job begins long before you walk in the door. I want everything to be awesome for you. My space is clean, and organized specifically to deliver a great massage. I prefer to book appointments by text but please fell free to call me, and while I know booking far in advance is not always possible for a busy man, please give me as much lead in time as you can so I can be at my best. Just as you would like to be treated as an individual and not a number, I would as well be treated as a destination and not a last minute compulsion. Therefore I require a minimum 1 hour notice to book a massage, which sometimes can be very difficult to accommodate but I will do my best. I also ask that appointments are not made unless you are 100 percent sure you can make it. I am looking for serious discerning clients that have an open minded to new experiences and are looking for a quality time. My time is as valuable as yours, please don't disrespect that.


Thank you very much for spending your precious time reading about myself and my services. I had started a new GAY MASSAGE BLOG with interesting articles and some inspirational stuff so keep coming back for more updates.


I'm looking forward to connect with you,

Marcello @ Signature Gay Massage

Staying Connected


One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to meet great people from all over the world. At the same time its a sad thing  that we become so consumed with our own lives that friendships often get neglected and become a mere afterthought.


I often receive requests of friends asking for me to share updates on my trips and personal life.  I decided to create a space on my BLOG  where I will be sharing some personal events just to keep nourishing those relationships. Below are some of those personal stuff.


For the full BLOG content including personal updates, gay massage articles, travel schedule and inspirations stuff please CLICK HERE. Hope you like and let's keep in touch ;-)



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