Signature Gay massage, being the prominent gay massage destination by Gay Escort London, has assembled captivating photos of the different massages thereby our customers can have a look on these and select the best one just looking at pictures and its features. With all this said, with an experience you'll perhaps not forget in the event that you would like to experience a sensual gay therapeutic massage. You can contact Signature Gay Massage for Gay Escort London service.

In a World filled with fear and what seems like a never ending negative balance in our nation’s bank accounts, some might think that finding happiness is no more than a pipe dream. As an experienced high class INTERNATIONAL GAY ESCORT - with dignified etiquette and skilled to serve wealthy, powerful, or influential clients, first-timers, curious, heterosexuals, bisexuals gay men - I am here to tell you, though, that it is simply not true. We have countless pressures put on our shoulders on a daily basis, but being happy doesn’t have to be one of those pressures.


Happiness is around you everyday in many moments as long as you are committed to acknowledging the happy in your life.  That is where adding color to your life comes in.  If you take the time to seek the moments where your day feels brighter and more colorful you will find where happiness lives for you.


For some people adding color to their lives could be as simple as cooking a meal with a boyfriend, going for a cinema, or sometimes that 3 star Michelin dinner before a theatre.  Whatever it is for you, pledge to yourself to find out what those simple pleasures are that make you happier and brighter and include them in your life every single day.


To experience those especial moments it’s always more fulfilling when shared with the right person. As a professional GAY ESCORT IN LONDON and MALE MASSEUR, will be an honor if you let me to help you to fill those dreamed moments with my companionship.


The tempting part of seeing a nice GAY ESCORT is the overall environment, the fact there is no social pressures, obligations or expectations. A guy can feel more at ease with a MALE ESCORT for a variety of reasons. A GAY MALE ESCORT might be more sexually confident in how he conducts himself, or perhaps more open-minded or explorational. Or just the fact he is attractive might be satisfying enough.


Unlike myself, many GAY ESCORTS IN LONDON and around the world are not welcoming of pleasure. A lot of the intimacy that occurs between gay escorts and clients is mechanical, and an empty experience. This is due to the reality that most MALE ESCORTS in an immediate context are not selling themselves for personal pleasure, but rather purely for monetary needs. In such occasions, the experience that occurs is often ordinary, and not offbeat or strikingly ‘exotic’ as you may think.


Clients can still release even when there is no connection established. On the other side, the minority of GAY ESCORTS, like myself, who do enjoy aspects of their job, might utilize mental and intellectual skills to connect with clients. This mutual experience becomes special, not because of physical acts, but because of the connection established. Amazing encounters are based on chemistry of two bodies, a rather spiritual bond that cannot be learned, nor forced through ‘skill.’.


When I connect with certain clients of mine, it’s not so much the acts of intimacy, but rather the overall connection (the conversation, the caresses, the touches, the comfort). This is unique to every date, as it plays out differently with different customers.


If you decide to book me for a BFE - BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE, I can happily tailor my services to your requests, I have years of experience as a MALE COMPANIONSHIP. Together we can spend a full night, a weekend or even a week traveling around some paradisiac island. I have traveled all over the World and I can hold any kind of conversation in 5 different languages.


I'm also a professional trained private chef and I can offer you a fine dining dinner to start our special night, all in a romantic atmosphere or what about be your private chef on your holidays or special event? Your friends will be delighted with the surprise. Now that you know a little more about myself, you also know that I’m not only a great choice as a GAY ESCORT or as a MALE MASSEUR, I'm multi-skilled and I can accommodate different requirements and privately work as a tourist guide, gay masseur, translator/interpreter, male beauty therapist, private chef, life coaching, and even photographer or personal trainer - ALL IN 1 PACKAGE.


When you book me as a GAY ESCORT or MALE COMPANIONSHIP you are booking a genuine and honest guy. I will be myself and not play the actor. I stress the importance of being genuine.



Once I received a comment asking me "what makes you a high-class-gay-escort? It means that you douche yourself with Perrier?" I admit that I found that comment quite funny and I never forget it.

To be honest I'm skeptical about the name that is assigned to men like me: high-class-escort. It signifies that I am superior over other male escorts because I’ve conformed to the ideals of the uppers class. As I get more mature I’m starting to see how sick our society is, it brainwashed us to worship the rich, the powerful, and the beautiful (yet, are these people really the ones who are altruistic, humanistic, and empathetic??) Our society tells us to value the worst aspects of society: the elite, “exclusiveness,” the upper class of snobs who exploit the masses. What other name can I advertise myself as other than ‘high-class-gay-escort?’ Should I be the ‘socially-conscious-male-escort? Unfortunately, to be part of this perverted game, I must conform to what will bring me business: the high-class-gay-escort. If only I could advertise myself as: I am an honest, caring gay chevalier...

"...this was why men fell in love with chevaliers and gay escorts: it wasn't the licentiousness, the dissembling, their craven willingness to do whatever you wanted. It was the way they would, out of the blue, surprise you with the psychic ability to know what you needed."

- At Signature Gay Massage Luxury Studio, every session is meticulously prepared to receive you,  so you can lay down and relax knowing everything is taken care off.


- Fresh and warm towels (winter time), hot shower (before and after your session), toiletry, cold/hot drinks, detox tea, candles, soothing music, aromatherapy oils, sore muscle hot bath, aromatherapy bath, organic beauty treatments.


-  Upgrade your BFE to a VIP BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE IN LONDON (ask for details).


- Special organic beauty treatments with the VIP SPA PACKAGES.

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60min : 200£

90min : 250£

120min : 300£

Overnights, weekends, travels : prices will be calculated based on yours requirements

VIP Experience: +100£ (incl. bath)

Outcalls : +50£

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