Q: What is your name?


A: Marcello.


Q: When and where were you born? And where were you reared?


A: September, 1988 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. I spent my growing up years divided between the mountains and the beach. I'm a mix of Italian, German, Portuguese and Brazilian.


Q: Which languages do you speak?


A: Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish and French


Q: Are you gay or bisexual?


A: Gay. While I recognize the many ways in which sexuality is uniquely experienced by each individual person, and don’t view it as automatically being boxed in on some static spectrum, I do consider my orientation to be exclusively homosexual.


Q: What are your stats?


 A: I’m 5'7 tall (170 cm.) and weigh in at 136 pounds (62 kg.). I possess a lean muscular body.


Q: Which sports do you practice?


A: I workout 5 times a week to keep in shape, I also do Yoga regularly, running and skating every week. During my vacations I always look for mountains for snowboarding or beaches for surfing.


Q: What is your education level?


A: I'm graduated in International Commerce and also graduated in Culinary Arts but my passion has always been the male anatomy so I have been professionally trained in different massage therapy techniques. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Balinese, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Tantric Massage are all combined in my UNIQUE SIGNATURE MASSAGE.


Q: What products do you use for bodywork?


A: Unscented Biotone Massage Cream and essential oils for various purposes upon request. Biotone Cream combines oil and lotion in one. Leaves skin surface soft and moisturised. Contains Arnica to stimulate circulation and aid tissue repair and healing.


Q: Can I book a massage from a private number?


A: No private numbers please. I fully respect your privacy. There is no reason to hide your number as your personal information will never be shared with anyone. Anonymity and privacy is also important for me.


Q: Do you wear clothing during a bodywork session?


A: Only if requested. I use more than my hands during a bodywork session, and work up a sweat, so for us both to be completely nude serves to enhance the experience in every way.


Q: Do you allow mutual touching between client and body-worker during your sessions?


A: I encourage it. With sensual bodywork, contact tends to occur organically.


Q: What are your sexual limitations?


A: The short answer is “anything that is unhealthy for a person emotionally or physically.” I’m pro-safety and pro-respect. Toward my partner. Toward myself.


Q: Is the privacy of your clients assured?


A: Completely. I work with clients from all walks of life and at various stages of openness with their sexuality. Confidentiality is paramount, and discretion guaranteed. If we have connected, and you see me in public, I welcome it if you approach me regardless of who I am with, but I will not acknowledge you first, out of respect.


Q: Do you offer discounts to younger or “more attractive” men?


A: No. All men are appealing in their own way. I encourage diversity. I am highly skilled and excel at what I do, and the service I offer is not dependent on a client’s perceived status in life or allure, and-for me-it supersedes my own. My looks might be a factor in why you’re hiring me, but it’s my ability and passion that make it an elevated experience. To give one man a discount for a superficial reason is to deem him more worthy, and that is not who I am or what I am about.


Q: Do you ever provide discounts to anyone?


A: No, but I run special 30min sessions that are very affordable and you can have a full sensual experience.


Q: Do you mind connecting with someone who is overweight?


A: No, not in the least. I am passionate about the energy behind what I do; hence, I do not have a preference as to the appearance of my clients other than an appreciation for their diversity. All are welcomed and treated with love and respect. For bodywork, I enjoy using my fingers and the heels of my hands more nimbly with my sinuous clients, and using the expanse of my arm on my larger-sized clients.


Q: What is your motive behind being a body-worker and escort? Do you really enjoy this line of work?


A: Truth be boldly told: I cannot imagine doing anything else at this point in my life, and I can feel it expanding into something more ubiquitous. I am motivated by a deep desire to connect meaningfully with men who love men in a way that specifically meets their needs during our time together while increasing the quality of their lives well after.


I’m doing this incredibly important work out of a place of passion, not out of desperation. I’m not taking advantage of you, nor you me. It’s an act of equality as well as one of personal betterment.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?


A: I accept cash and PayPal payments. On rare occasions I “barter and trade” with clients I already have a relationship with (my expertise in exchange for free miles, services, etc.).


Q: Is what you do safe?


A: Yes. Bodywork and escorting is legal in the United Kingdom, for one thing. Per the other concern, I connect solely with men who respect themselves before I get the opportunity to. This guarantees their respect toward not only me, but also the experience we create together.



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